Welcome to Xuture ™

Xuture is a Silicon Valley based venture capital firm providing seed and early-stage venture capital funding with a focus on microfinance or the Xuture Capital approach. We invest seed and early-stage venture capital funding in cutting-edge technology companies.

Xuture (pronounced "suture") is the future of venture capital. We are poised to revolutionize the venture capital industry with the introduction of "Xuture Capital."

Xuture Capital is micro-capital or small startup cash necessary to kickstart any new business venture.

Xuture was established to suture or join together entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurs are usually bootstrapped for cash, and invariably end up financing their idea at a traditional venture capital firm. Here is when the problem starts:

(1) Out of every 250 business plans that a venture capital firm receives, only 1 is picked for funding.

(2) Traditional VCs do not invest below a certain threshold - usually $5 million.

This is where Xuture comes in! We ...

(1) We have an uncanny cognitive ability to pick the right ideas and want to hear from the other 249 entrepreneurs (who were turned down by other VCs).

(2) We invented and believe in "Xuture Capital" and have no problem investing micro-capital.

Although our primary focus is Information Technology oriented companies based in the United States, we do not shy away from exceptional ideas located anywhere else in the world. Contact us if you feel you match or exceed our expectations.