Whether it is providing seed or startup capital for a highly speculative venture or expansion financing for an established pre-IPO organization, private equity funding is the essential lifeblood of dynamic growth-oriented companies.

Xuture LLC is dedicated to creating long-term value for its corporate clients and investors. The firm's vision is to act as a strategic partner, providing capital, advisory services, contacts and strategic direction to maximize the success of each company.

We are a venture capital, strategy consulting and financiering firm, who believe in profit both for Entrepreneurs as well as our Investors.

One reason why Xuture's investments pay great dividends is because we offer more than just money. We have excellent contacts in the industry and have a lot of experience we can provide to our portfolio of emerging companies. Along with our partners at Staff Lite, VJ INC, Workforce Leads and Xuture IT, we can provide exceptional service, reduced operational costs, and expanded service offering year after year.

Bridging the Gap

According to the most recent study of the global wealth management industry, there is currently $11.4 trillion of private wealth under management. The annual World Wealth Report 2008 estimated that in 2007 the value of funds managed on behalf of 9.5 million high-net-worth individuals worldwide was $40.3 trillion. After a rough 2008, World Wealth Report 2009 forecasts that by 2013 global High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) financial wealth will recover to $48.5 trillion, after advancing at a sustained annual rate of 8.1%.

Given such exceptional outlook, there is still a problem of re-cycling the wealth for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). Wealth created by successful individuals is not being gainfully made available to capital-starved startup and growth companies with tremendous potential. There has always been a gap on getting the information from early-stage companies in front of the wealthy entrepreneurs who might want to invest in them. We bridge this gap and recycle wealth for high net worth and accredited investors.

Focused Investing

A good investment can turn a few thousand dollars into a few hundred thousand dollars. But not all investment opportunities are pots of gold. In fact, most rainbows disappear leaving investors out in the cold. Venture capitalist and investors need strong business backgrounds to be able to sort the golden investment opportunities from the substandard.

At Xuture, we are constantly being approached with ideas that need money. We are judicious and cognizant of our investments. We have maintained a focus on the acceleration of growth as the primary underpinning of our investment strategy. In addition to our core investment team, we are supported by an extensive network of current and former senior executives with leading public and private businesses. Through this network, we are able to access current perspectives on a variety of industry, operational and other issues from thought leaders across the country.

With a significant resource infrastructure in place, Xuture is able to offer both a breadth and depth of industry knowledge and experience. We aim to be a trusted and value-added partner by leveraging our domain expertise and resource network which we have developed extensively.

Xuture Capital

Not only do we focus on large scale private equity, we excel in providing 'Xuture Capital' to budding entrepreneurs, who simply cannot break the bank anymore. Our unique one-on-one approach with small startups ensures success for both the entrepreneurs as well as our investors.

Our primary focus is on high technology and healthcare companies spinning out of Northern California. Our goal is to be the premier provider of seed and early stage venture capital in Silicon Valley.

Investing in Our Fund

When raising capital, we look for discreet, qualified investors. Investment in Xuture funds is only open to institutional and accredited investors.

If you qualify as an accredited investor and want to invest in our fund, please email us at