Xuture LLC Trademarks

Xuture Trademarks

The absence of a name or logo in this list does not constitute a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that Xuture LLC or its subsidiaries have established in any of their product, service, feature, service names or logos. The status column refers to the status of the trademark in the United States and/or other countries.

Trademark Status Description
13/13 Rule TM 13/13 Rule for presentations, terminology
180 PR TM 180 PR website, application software
360 Overall TM 360 Overall website, application/software
Cash is King: Get it. Use It. Double It. TM Xuture LLC & subsidiary websites, terminology
Cash is King: Get it. Use It. Grow It. TM Xuture LLC & subsidiary websites, terminology
Cash is King: Get it. Use It. Increase It. TM Xuture LLC & subsidiary websites, terminology
Free Your PR TM Free Your PR website, application software
Friends of X / FoX TM Friends of X website, social media service
Friends of Xuture TM Friends of Xuture website, social media service
IPO Haven TM IPO Haven website, application software
IPO Heaven TM IPO Heaven website, application software
IT Suburbia TM IT Suburbia website, application/software
Overall 360 TM Overall 360 website, application
Perfect 10 TM Perfect 10 on WeBuildFuture.com, terminology
PressAd TM PressAd.net website, internet application
PRteaser TM PRteaser.com website, web application
SAT Lyrics TM SAT Lyrics website, application, gadget
ShuffleBeat TM ShuffleBeat website, web application
Slimpu TM Slimpu website, terminology, brand name
StaffLite TM StaffLite website, terminology, brand name
StaffLite - We Staff Right! TM StaffLite website, terminology, brand name
StreetFinancing TM StreetFinancing website, terminology, brand name, web app
TeaserNow TM TeaserNow website, terminology, brand name
Terazzle TM Terazzle website, terminology, brand name
The Misra Method TM XUTURE CAPITAL method of presenting an idea
VedaVita TM VedaVita website, terminology, brand name
VJ INC TM VJ INC website, brand name, trade name
VJ Script TM VJ Script website, application programming interface
WeBuildEntities TM WeBuildEntities website, brand/trade name
WeBuildFuture TM WeBuildFuture website, brand/trade name
WeCreateCEO TM WeCreateCEO website, brand/trade name
WeCreateCEOs TM WeCreateCEOs website, brand/trade name
WeCreateEntities TM WeCreateEntities website, brand/trade name
WeCreateFuture TM WeCreateFuture website, brand/trade name
WeCreateStartups TM WeCreateStartups website, brand/trade name
WeMakeCEO TM WeMakeCEO website, brand/trade name
WeMakeCEOs TM WeMakeCEOs website, brand/trade name
WeMakeEntities TM WeMakeEntities website, brand/trade name
WeMakeFuture TM WeMakeFuture website, brand/trade name
WeMakeStartups TM WeMakeStartups website, brand/trade name
WeStartupStartup TM WeStartupStartup website, brand/trade name
WeStartupStartups TM WeStartupStartups website, brand/trade name
WorkforceLead TM WorkforceLead website, brand/trade name
WorkforceLeads TM WorkforceLeads website, brand/trade name
Xccumulate TM Xccumulate website, application, brand name
XC Slides TM XC Slides website, terminology
Xdocx TM Xdocx website, application, brand name
Xollaborate TM Xollaborate website, application, brand name
Xponzi TM Xponzi website, brand, social media
Xpresentations TM Xpresentations website, brand, terminology
Xpundit TM Xpundit website, brand, social media
Xpurge TM Xpurge website, brand, application
Xquilibrium TM Xquilibrium website, brand, application
Xuture TM Xuture LLC website, brand name, trade name
Xuture Angels TM Xuture Angels website, brand/trade name
Xuture Cap TM Xuture Cap website, brand name, trade name
Xuture Capital TM Xuture Capital website, XUTURE CAPITAL Slides presentation technique
Xuture Fund TM Xuture Fund website, brand/trade name
Xuture IT TM Xuture IT website, brand name, trade name
Xuture Services TM Xuture Services website, brand/trade name
Xuture U TM Xuture U website, association, brand name
Xuture VC TM Xuture VC website, brand name, trade name
Xuture Venture Capital TM Xuture website, brand name, trade name
Xuture Ventures TM Xuture Ventures website, brand/trade name
Xuturism TM Xuturism website, brand name, software
Xuturistic TM Xuturistic website, application, brand name