About Xuture ™

Xuture is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm headquartered in Mountain View, California. We provide private equity funding with a focus on microfinance or the Xuture Capital approach.

We provide start-up venture capital funding for seed stage, early stage and growth companies with a focus in the US technology sectors. We invest in exceptional companies, which have a clear plan, objective and are hungry for success. Average funding for startups is under $10 million. Based in Silicon Valley, innovation & leadership is our cornerstone business practice. At Xuture, we locate and attract seed & early stage capital and achieve best practices overall.

We help entrepreneurs start and grow successful technology companies. Our passion is finding the right blend of investment and expertise to help companies grow and deliver on their promise.

We work closely with our broad network of consultants, attorneys, recruiters, leasing partners and investment bankers.

Mission & Vision

Xuture of Silicon Valley exists to assist entrepreneurs with financial barriers to achieve their highest potential by providing a broad range of services and helping them with funding by suturing them with potential investors.

Our vision is to be a global financial services firm that provides value-added products and services to our diverse but strategically targeted investor base in a way that exceeds our clients' expectations.

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